Details of The Dads’ Fire Circle events and ‘gatherings’ are shown here:

The Dads’ Fire Circle Online Gathering
Wednesday 5th October 2022 8:00pm to 9:00pm (BST)
via Zoom (see link below, or contact Mark for details)
A chance to gather, share, laugh, cry and journey together.

Scheduled conversation topics:
October – Catch up, how is everyone doing? What one thing would you tell a Dad whose child has just been diagnosed with a disability or additional need? When was the last time you got a break from caring, and what did that look like?

Parenting a child or young person with additional needs or disability can be isolating sometimes, and not everyone understands what it can be like. This community is there to provide a safe place for Dads to gather and encourage each other, journey with each other and help each other.

We’ve had a great time at our monthly ‘gatherings’ since July 2020, with a group of between four and 14 Dads coming together to share a little about ourselves, seeing how much we had in common, thinking about what we would say to our younger selves about the journey that we are on, as well as chatting about how the current coronavirus crisis is affecting us and our families. We’ve talked about how we look after self-care, what the return to school is looking like, relationships, engaging with school and other professionals, lockdown, Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP’s), equipment and resources, Christmas holiday plans, New Year hopes, summer holiday plans, back to school, and much more.

“Thanks so much, Mark, for bringing us together. It was really great and so helpful. Good to meet everyone — look forward to the next time.”

“Thanks Mark really enjoyed it, nice to find other Dads on similar journeys who are prepared to talk about it, looking forward to next time.” 

“I have really enjoyed the conversation….many thoughts and feelings that have engulfed my mind and heart. Truly impactful (positive).”

Read the ‘About’ page to get a better idea of what we’ll be doing. It’s free to join in, either use the Eventbrite link below to register, or contact Mark at to let him know that you are coming so that we know how many will be there. We’ll send you all the joining information in advance so that you can ‘come and join us around the fire’.

Eventbrite link for Wednesday 5th October 2022

The Dads’ Fire Circle Online Gathering
More online dates to follow

The Dads’ Fire Circle Residential
Yes, we also hope to be able to gather for a weekend sometime!
Dates and details to follow

“Being a Father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person.”
Naveen Jain
Innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist

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