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Who Let The Dads Out?

Who Let The Dads Out? is a growing movement that resources churches to reach out to dads, father figures and their children. We believe that to ‘turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers’ (Malachi 4:6, NIV 1984) is a powerful way ‘to make ready a people prepared for the Lord’ (Luke 1:17).

We want to see churches creating spaces where dads, father figures and their children can have fun together, and is founded on the Christian principle of wanting to demonstrate God’s love to communities. is Europe’s largest advice and support site for fathers. It was established in 2008 as a new generation men’s lifestyle channel and the leading voice for Dads.

At we want to celebrate the changing role of Dads with engaging, helpful, practical, entertaining resources and content for every stage of their journey. It is home to the largest connected community of active, involved Dads through its interactive forum, providing great peer to peer support and advice for what can be one of the most challenging and rewarding life experiences. is run by Fegans, a UK Christian Charity (209920) that has continually transformed mental health and championed childhood since 1870.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are on a mission to release thousands of families from grinding poverty through award winning debt counselling and community groups. By equipping and empowering local churches to reach out on their doorsteps, we’re bringing hope to tens of thousands of people every year.

The Additional Needs Alliance

The Additional Needs Alliance – helping churches to include, support, create places of belonging for, and spiritually grow children, young people and young adults with additional needs or disabilities.

Among our Members are many individuals and organisations that offer a range of excellent services and resources to assist churches and other groups working in this area to make a real difference for their community.

The Additional Needs Blogfather

Mark’s ‘other’ blog page, The Additional Needs Blogfather, full of stories, help, resources and tips for parents, children’s and youth workers, anyone who engages with and journeys with children or young people with additional needs or disabilities.

“I’m a Father; that’s what matters most. Nothing matters more.”
Gordon Brown
Former UK Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer

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