The Dads’ Video Collection

As ‘The Additional Needs Blogfather’, Dads of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities have always been close to my heart, whether they are in the family home, apart but connected, or distanced.

Over the years I’ve created video content that, while hopefully helpful and interesting to anyone who is involved with children and young people with additional needs, has been specifically crafted with Dads in mind. Now that ‘The Dads’ Fire Circle’ is launched, I’ve brought it all together into one place… videos, articles, links, everything; The Dads’ Collection.

Dad-Info video:  Intro to Additional Needs Parenting (3:33)
What is it like to be a parent of a child with additional needs? Especially being a Dad? video:  Additional Needs Parenting – Autism (3:39)
What is Autism? And how as a Dad of an Autistic child can we help? video:  Additional Needs Parenting – FAQ’s (10:43)
What are the questions that Dad’s of children with additional/special needs have? video:  Back to School (4:00)
How do we prepare our children for the return to school at the end of a long holiday? video:  Making The Most Of School Holidays (4:15)
How do we make sure every second counts and build strong positive memories for our children when we are on holiday with them?

Dads Take 5 Logo

Take 5 And Chat video:  FAQ’s from Dads (part 1) (15.48)
Answering three questions from Dads of children with additional needs for ‘Take 5 and Chat’:
1. “Where do we fit in… as guys, as Dads… what is our role?”
2. “What about our other kids… how do we meet their needs for some time with Dad?”
3. “And how does this work within the wider context of the whole family, getting it right for everyone?”

Take 5 And Chat video:  FAQ’s fro Dads (part 2) (15.57)
Answering three more questions from Dads of children with additional needs for ‘Take 5 and Chat’:
4. “How do we get the balance right with care and boundary setting for a child who tries to ‘rule the roost’?”
5. “How about the importance of doing normal family ‘stuff’ and not being focussed only on one child’s needs?”
6. “How do we learn to compliment and support our partners, not compete with them?”

I hope these resources are helpful to all Dads, whatever their family circumstances. If I can be of any help to any Dads out there, please do get in touch by clicking on the ‘Contact’ tab of this site, or via the Twitter link below. I’d love to hear from you.


Twitter: @Mark_J_Arnold

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Published by The Additional Needs Blogfather

Mark Arnold (The Additional Needs Blogfather) is the Additional Needs Ministry Director for Urban Saints, co-founder of the ‘Additional Needs Alliance’, a ‘Churches for All’ partner, a member of the ‘Council for Disabled Children’, the ‘European Disability Network’ and the ‘Living Fully Network’, serves on the executive for ‘Children Matter!’ and writes a monthly additional needs column for Premier Youth and Children’s Work (YCW) magazine as well as being a writer for Firefly Community, and Key Ministry among others. Mark is dad to James, a 20-year-old Autistic young man who journey's with Epilepsy, Learning Difficulties and Anxiety, and to Phoebe, an 22-year-old history student recently graduated from Winchester University.

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